Guvendiren Lab

Instructive Biomaterials and Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (IBAM-Lab)


Additive Manufacturing (AM) facility within IBAM-Lab consists of extrusion-based and vat photopolymerization printers.


These printers are used for biofabrication of tissues, development of tissue engineered scaffolds and medical devices, as well as rapid prototyping and fabrication of tools and components.


Our printers can utilize a wide range of materials from cells to very soft hydrogels to polymers, ceramics and metals.

  • Live Cells directly from aggregates or with a carrier hydrogel
  • (Cell-laden) Hydrogels from cross-linkable formulations
  • (Biodegradable) Polymers from solution or melt
  • Ceramics from solution or slurry
  • Metals from solution or slurry
  • Composites from solution or slurry


EnvisionTec - 3D Bioplotter

Allevi - Allevi 2

Formlabs - Form 1

Flashforge Creator Pro

Intamsys Funmat HT 3D Printer


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