Guvendiren Lab

Instructive Biomaterials and Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (IBAM-Lab)


IBAM Lab is capable of design, synthesis, characterization and processing of polymers, hydrogels and composites, additive manufacturing, and characterization of polymeric biomaterials as well as investigation of cell-biomaterial interactions and tissue engineering.


Major facilities include a fabrication lab (FabLab) and cell culture lab (BioLab).


FabLab – 440 sq. ft.: FabLab include a chemical hood, a cell culture hood (dedicated for bioprinting and biofabrication), a convection oven, bench-top centrifuge, photopolymerization station (including an Omnicure model S1500 UV source and a BlackRay UV lamp), UV Ozone unit, and necessary equipment for polymer synthesis. In addition, our lab houses a refrigerator and a freezer. Additive manufacturing tools include a dual head 3D bioplotter from EnvisionTec, a dual-head printer from BioBots (capable of printing hydrogels, cells, and polymers), and two dual-head fused deposition modeling printer from FlashForge (allows printing of solid scaffolds from biodegradable polymers).
































BioLab – 230 sq. ft.: Biolab is located adjacent to biFabLab (accessible from inside the lab). Biolab houses one laminar flow (cell culture) hood, benchtop autoclave unit, two incubators, a fluorescent microscope, a cyo storage unit, and two -80 freezers. (We share this facility with Kumar Lab)

Wing 2 - Bioprinting and photopolymerization stations

Wing 1 - Prototyping and component manufacturing station

Wing 2 - Biosafety Hood dedicated for bioprinting

Polymer synthesis and ink formulation

Wing 2 - Processing station

Wing 2 - 3D Bioplotter station

BioLab instruments

Fluorescent microscope station

BioLab instruments

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