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December 20, 2022

End of the Year Holiday Party !!!

We continued our Lab's tradition with annual holiday party. Great Turkish food followed with White Elephant gift exchange!

December 2, 2022

High School Teachers Workshop on 3D Printing and Data Science!!!

Guvendiren Lab hosted a joined workshop with Young Lab on two exciting topics: 3D printing (Guvendiren) and data science (Young). The workshop attracted around 50 local high school teachers. The workshop began with an informational breakfast hosted by Newark College of Engineering Dean Moshe Kam, CME Department Chair Lisa Axe, and Executive Director of Admissions Stephen Eck. The teachers then broke into two groups to attend parallel hands-on sessions. In the 3D printing section, teachers designed a 3D key chain model using Fusion360, prepared this model for 3D printing using Flashforge slicer, and created a 3D printed key chain using a 3D printer. This activity is followed by a discussion on how to implement 3D printing in high school classes and a short tour of Prof. Guvendiren's research laboratory to observe ongoing research activities on 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs. In the data science section, run by Prof. Joshua Young, the teachers used Python to investigate and analyze datasets and coded models from scratch by following along with Prof. Young, and used that to predict types of glass formed from different reactants. Between the sessions the teachers attended lunch in Eberhardt Hall with CME graduate students, who discussed their research at NJIT with them. Finally, everyone received a tour of the NJIT Makerspace.

November 8, 2022

Patent Issued !!!

A new patent (Additive Manufacturing of Channels, US 11491702) is issued for the method developed in our lab. Dr. We report a new additive manufacturing approach to fabricate complex channels within cell-laden hydrogels or 3D elastomeric constructs using direct ink writing (DIW). We believe that this method will advance 3D bioprinting of human-scale tissues with much needed built-in vasculature.

September 28, 2022

Dr. Guvendiren is promoted to tenured Associate Professor !!!

A big congrats to Dr. Guvendiren and his research his team for his promotion. This could not be possible without the hard work of our lab members.

Both pictures from left to right: NJIT President Teik Lim, Dr. Guvendiren, Interim Provost Atam Dhawan, NCE Dean Moshe Kam, Board of Trustees Chair Robert Cohen

July 5-22, 2022

CEMB-NJIT High School Summer Research Program !!!

Guvendiren lab hosted high school student Mitchel Elusanmi from Barringer High School (Newark, NJ) during 1 month summer research program. Mitchel worked with PhD students Andrew House and Alperen Abaci.

June 1-4, 2022

ACS - Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM) 2022 !!!

Alperen Abaci and Andrew House delivered podium presentation during the ACS Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting. Alperen's  talk on June 1st was titled "Direct Cell Bioprinting into Functional Hydrogels to Create Complex Tissue Models". Andrew's talk on June 4th was titled "A Dynamic Hydrogel Platform for Cardiac Tissue Modeling"

May 2, 2022

Annual Service Awards - 5 Years @ NJIT !!!

Dr. Guvendiren's 5 Years of service at NJIT was recognized during the NJIT's Annual Service Awards Ceremony.

Congrats Dr. G.

Profs. Murat Guvendiren and Vivek Kumar.

April 26, 2022

NCE Rising Star Research Award !!!

Dr. Guvendiren received the NJIT Newark College of Engineering 2022 Rising Star Research Award. Rising Star Research Award recognizes a NCE faculty member of the Assistant Professor rank who has been a NCE faculty member for at least three years and has demonstrated excellence in research and scholarly activities. Congrats Dr. G.


We also congratulate Roselyn Manning for receiving the NCE Outstanding Support Staff award !!!

From Left to Right: Prof. Lisa Axe, Rosalyn Manning, Prof. Murat Guvendiren and Prof. Ecevit Bilgili.

April 22, 2022

Congrats to Anthony Urciuoli !!!!

Anthony successfully defended his Masters of Science Thesis titled "Airbrushed methacrylated gelatin nanofibers within 3D printed scaffolds for tissue engineering". We kindly thank the committee members Profs. Treena Arinzeh and Jonathan Grasman for their mentorship and valuable suggestions. We were luck to have Anthony in our team and we wish him great success in his future career!!!

February 15, 2022

New Research Awards from NJHF!

Our laboratory received 3 new research awards from New Jersey Health Foundation!

In a single PI award, Dr. Guvendiren and his team will be developing "3D Bioprinted Devices to Model Liver Tissue". The second award is a collaborative project between the laboratory of Prof. Ecevit Bilgili (PI, CME) and Prof. Murat Guvendiren (co-PI) focusing on "3D Printed Soft Nanodrug Tablets for Personalized Delivery to Pediatric Population". The third award is a collaborative project between the laboratory of Prof. Yuanwei Zhang (PI, Chemistry) and Prof. Murat Guvendiren (co-PI) focusing on "Novel Photoinitiators for Injectable and 3D Printable Hydrogels and Applications in Tissue Engineering".


NJHF provides seed grants ($35,000 each) for research projects with exciting potential for larger grants from other organizations in the future. The duration of the awards are 1 year.

February 11, 2022

NAI Announces the 2022 Class of Senior Members

Dr. Guvendiren is elected to the 2022 Class of National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Senior Members! Congrats to Dr. Guvendiren for this achievement. The NAI Senior Member program was developed to recognize and honor active researchers with success in patents, licensing, and commercialization who have produced technologies that have brought, or aspire to bring, real impact on the welfare of society.

January 1, 2022

4D Printing of Surface Morphing Hydrogels!

Check out our recent paper on 4D printing recently published online on Advanced Materials Technologies (Wiley) !!!

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!

A new year starts at IBAM-Lab. We are very fortunate to have highly motivated students to grow IBAM-Lab as a leading research hub for 3D bioprinting of vascularized tissues and organs.

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