Guvendiren Lab

Instructive Biomaterials and Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (IBAM-Lab)

If you are interested in working in the IBAM Lab, please directly contact Prof. Murat Guvendiren via email.

Prof. Murat Guvendiren

New Jersey Institute of Technology

138 Warren Street

York Center

Newark, NJ 07102

Office: York 204, 973-596-2932

Lab: York 311

Graduate Students: Please send your detailed CV and a copy of your recent transcript. Please also include your recent GRE and TOEFL score. Minimum GRE quantitative score is 158. You also need to do a formal application and comply with the NJIT Admission Guidelines.


Undergraduates: We strongly encourage you to join our lab and get hands-on research experience. We offer specifically designed research projects for undergraduate students. We also encourage you to apply for NJIT URI Programs. We also offer research projects via NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.


Independent Study: Involve in IBAM Lab research and get credit towards your course load. For NJIT students (graduates and undergraduates) only.


Postdocs: Please send your detailed CV and one page document summarizing your achievements and research interests, describing "why you would like to join our group". International candidates, please indicate your current visa status.


Visiting Scholars and Students: We welcome visiting researchers and students (grad, undergrad, and high school). International student and scholar applicants need to comply with the NJIT requirements (click for details).



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