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March 19, 2024

Patent Issued!

Congrats to our inventors Prof. Murat Guvendiren and Dr. Shen Ji (PhD alumni). Our patent is titled “Dual printing additive manufacturing of 3D scaffolds with channel diameters ranging from 100-500 microns”. This was a divisional application to parent patent 11,491,702 B2. Patent No.: US 11,931,951 B2 (Mar. 19, 2024). 


January 26, 2024 

Workshop for High School Teachers  on 3D Printing and Data Science

Guvendiren Lab hosted a joined workshop with Young Lab on two exciting topics: 3D printing (Guvendiren) and data science (Young). The workshop attracted around 30 local high school teachers. The workshop began with an informational breakfast hosted by Newark College of Engineering Dean Moshe Kam, CME Department Chair Lisa Axe, and Executive Director of Admissions Stephen Eck. The teachers then broke into two groups to attend parallel hands-on sessions. In the 3D printing section, teachers designed a 3D key chain model using Fusion360, prepared this model for 3D printing using Flashforge slicer, and created a 3D printed key chain using a 3D printer. This activity is followed by a discussion on how to implement 3D printing in high school classes and a short tour of Prof. Guvendiren's research laboratory to observe ongoing research activities on 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs. In the data science section, run by Prof. Joshua Young, the teachers used Python to investigate and analyze datasets and coded models from scratch by following along with Prof. Young, and used that to predict types of glass formed from different reactants. Between the sessions the teachers attended lunch in Eberhardt Hall with CME graduate students, who discussed their research at NJIT with them. Finally, everyone received a tour of the NJIT Makerspace. 


January 23, 2024 

Netzsch Webinar  

Prof. Guvendiren deliverd a webinar titled "The role of rheology on designing new inks - printable materials for material extrusion-based printing".


November 16, 2023 

1st Place Winner !!! 

Alperen Abaci (PhD Candidate) was the 1st Place Winner in Graduate Student Association (GSA) Research Day (Fall 2023). Alperen's presentation was titled "3D Bioprinting of Dense Cellular Structures within Functional Hydrogels with User-Defined Heterogeneity". Congrats Alperen !!! 


November 7, 2023 

Patent Issued !!!  

Congrats to our inventors Prof. Murat Guvendiren, Alperen Abaci (PhD candidate) and Shen Ji (PhD alumni). Our patent is titled “Additive manufacturing of cell-laden functional hydrogel and live cell constructs”, Patent No.: US 11,806,444 B2.


June 21, 2023

MRS Webinar !!!!

Prof. Guvendiren along with Prof. Gulden Camci-Unal (UMass - Lowell) hosted a webinar on "3D Bioprinting for Medical Applications". The talks in this webinar complemented the articles in the June 2023 issue of MRS Bulletin edited by Profs. Guvendiren and Camci-Unal.

May 16, 2023

Congrats to Doctor House!!!!

Drs. Guvendiren and House (recent PhD graduate from our group) attended the PhD Commencement at NJIT.


Andrew House is the 2nd PhD graduate from Guvendiren Lab but first to attend the Commencement. Andrew's PhD thesis title was "A Novel Biomaterial Platform for Cardiac Tissue Engineering", which he defended successfully in November 23, 2022. Andrew will be missed !!!


April 19-22, 2023

SFB Conference !!!!

Guvendiren lab members attended the Society for Biomaterials (SFB) Annual Conference held in San Diego. Our graduate students Alperen Abaci and Hadis Gharacheh delivered podium presentations. Alperen's talk was titled "3D Bioprinting of Dense Cellular Structures within Functional Hydrogels", and Hadis's talk was titled "Cell-Laden Composite Hydrogel Bioinks with Human Bone Allograft Particles to Enhance Stem Cell Osteogenesis". We were also able to reunite with many of my colleagues and former mentors including my former postdoc advisor Jason Burdick (bottom left image).

January 1, 2023

Beginning of a new year !!!

Guvendiren Lab welcomes the new year.


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