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CHE 415 - Introduction to 3D Printing

Undergraduate level elective

Target Enrollment: 24 (limited)

Course Format: The course will consist of lecture and hands-on laboratory session with extensive participation between students and the instructor.

Course Description: This course introduces 3D printing technologies including history and basics of 3D printing, currently available 3D printing methods and printable materials as well as current and emerging applications of 3D printing. Students will get a general idea on the major players in 3D printing industry and global effects of 3D printing. The course will be composed of a lecture and a hands-on laboratory session, during which students will create a 3D design and print a functional prototype.


Reference Text Book: Additive Manufacturing Technologies – 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, and Direct Digital Manufacturing, by Ian Gibson, David Rosen, and Brent Stucker, Second Edition, Springer, New York.


Student Learning Outcomes:

• Identify key 3D printing technologies, and corresponding major industry segments.

• Identify key material properties for 3D printability for each printing technique.

• Compare and differentiate printing methods and printable materials for specific

• Design a component or device to meet desired needs with realistic constrains for 3D printing

• Manufacture devices and tools using 3D printing

• Assess current and future applications of 3D printing

• Assess the 3D printing industry and the global effects of 3D printing particularly on engineering manufacturing

• Ability to communicate effectively through written reports and oral presentations.

• Effectively present technical and engineering problems to a “lay audience”

• Ability to work as a team.



Many thanks to Chair Lisa Axe (CME Department) and Dean Moshe Kam (Newark College of Engineering), we have a new 3D Printing Laboratory within the CME Department dedicated for the 3D Printing courses developed by Dr. Guvendiren. CHE 415 took place in this new lab space during Fall 2019 Semester. We have 24 seating capacity lecture area integrated with laboratory area with 10 brand new 3D printers.

Dr. Guvendiren started Fall 2017 Semester with a new elective course on 3D Printing. "Introduction to 3-D Printing" is an undergraduate level elective course for engineering students. Many thanks to our Dean Moshe Kam (Newark College of Engineering), Chair Lisa Axe (CBPE Department), and Daniel Brateris (Director Experiential Learning) our course had a temporary location for the Fall 2017 Semester. We are also very grateful to Shawn Yetman (CBPE Lab Manager).


Below are some pictures of the course set-up from Fall 2017 Semester.

Currently we have 25 student seating for lecture and 10 Ultimaker3 printers for hands-on laboratory portion.

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